Magnifyde: The Story of Our Sales Closing Agency

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It all started nine years ago when five best friends, Rob, Steve, Mike, Nick, and Robbie, graduated from university and decided to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. In 2014, they identified an opportunity to build a Kindle publishing business on Amazon and quickly established themselves as a successful player in the market, publishing over 75 books in various genres such as Fitness, Real Estate, Travel, and Diet. This success led them to quit their jobs and focus on their business full-time.

Their success with Kindle publishing on Amazon gave them a deeper understanding of the platform, leading them to establish an electronics distribution company on Amazon, selling more than 1,500 products in the first month. With this success, they decided to build their own brands from scratch.

In 2017, they spotted another gap in the market and founded their agency, AMZ Advisers, to help businesses scale on Amazon. In just five years, the agency has grown to have more than 55 employees. Nick, a long-time friend and consultant based in China with a passion for eCommerce in Asia, joined AMZ Advisers to help build the Asia-Pacific branch, which focuses on helping brands sell on marketplaces across Japan, Australia, Thailand, India, and more.

Since 2017, the team has continued to identify gaps in the eCommerce industry and has established multiple software companies and distribution companies. In 2019, the team met Robbie in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, where part of the AMZ team is based. Robbie, a former military and sales professional, was building a successful outsourced sales business and had helped two coaches grow from $20,000 per month to $300,000 per month within six months.

Robbie decided to join the team to form, leveraging his sales expertise with the team’s business building knowledge. The founders of want to work with amazing entrepreneurs and coaches who have quality programs but don’t want to handle the day-to-day of sales. Instead, they want to focus on improving their products and customers’ experiences. only works with coaches and entrepreneurs who fit their standards, so if you’re interested, feel free to set up a call to see if you fit the mold.

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